Niobe Haitas

BSc in Psychology: Aristotle University, Grèce

MA in Education, Gender and International Development: Institute of Education, University of London

PhD candidate in biomedical sciences, option : The science of Aging. Affiliation with Université de Montréal and the Centre de Recherche de l’Institut de Gériatrie de Montréal


Thesis : Neurofunctional reorganization to maintain semantic processing during aging: an fMRI study.

Description :

Problematic : During normal aging, the results of cognitive tasks may be affected differently depending on the cognitive domain (eg, memory, language, attention, other) but also according to individual characteristics. Age and level of education play a positive role on the results of such tests. Language skills such as semantic memory, are relatively well preserved during aging, and this, through the reorganization of brain function that compensates for age-related cognitive decline. Under such a reorganizing model of the brain, brain activation is distributed more symmetrically between the two hemispheres of the brain in older adults who age well.

Methodology: We will compare the performance of forty people aged 60-75 years old to forty young adults aged 20-35 years old to complete a task consisting in evaluating the semantic similarity (which of the two words is more similar to a third word). We’ll use the imaging techniques with functional magnetic resonance imaging.

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