The science of the means of knowledge transfer from research to clinical practice is still nascent. In speech therapy, practices today are using the evidence that require direct input of knowledge from scientific research. Efforts are then encouraged by government and scientific bodies to support and guide the practices of clinicians. If the links between research and clinical practice have long been a linear process, it is now recognized that a dynamic and retroactive transfer leads to more successful implementation. It’s part of the experience of our group, here presented, in particular how the development of new research knowledge must be transformed into clinical tools for patient care and how clinical practice is feeding the research questions posed by the team. Our experience, combined with that of other teams of researchers and clinicians, and put in the context of conceptual frameworks of knowledge transfer, may inspire similar efforts to achieve favorable interface between science and clinical practices.

– Extract of : Joanette, Y., Ferré, P., & Côté, H. (2014). Recherche et pratique clinique en orthophonie : du transfert à l’échange de connaissance. Rééducation Orthophonique, 257, 131–41.

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