Research Professionals

Catherine Dubé, M.Sc., PMP

Project Manager & Lab coordinator 

Graduate in Neurosciences (Master degree), Université de Montréal

Student in Digital Health (DESS), Université de Montréal


Role: realization of different aspects of the programming, managing and organization of the laboratory and its platforms, recruitment and coordination of certain research projects. Cognitive and linguistic evaluation, contribution of the realization of imaging examinations, contribution at the input and data analysis and writing articles.



Anaïs Deleuze, M.P.O


Speech pathologist (graduate from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university and Université de Montréal)
Research Professional
Role : As a professional researcher, I participate in knowledge transfer through the development of a new tool to assess language disorders and subsequent communication to acquired neurological impairment.
Theme : Development, standardization and validation of a battery for the assessment of language disorders and acquired communication, destined for speech-language pathologists.



Perrine Ferré, M.P.O., PhD


Dre. Perrine Ferré is a speech therapist and research and teaching coordinator at the Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital. As a clinician, she specializes in adults living with an acquired communication disorder. His research activities in the laboratory of Dr Yves Joanette revolve around the transfer of knowledge, the understanding of the brain mechanisms linked to communication skills over the life continuum. She has participated in the development of several clinical tools, such as the i-MEL, the MEC Protocol and the MIC Program.

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